1. The Cleveland Clinic, United States

The top on the list of the best hospitals in the world for 2016 is none other than Cleveland Clinic. This hospital turns out to be quite a Cinderella story, as it was ranked among the worst in the nation for safety standards just two years ago, and could hardly make it into the top leading 100 hospitals In the standards of care. And in 2014, Medicare had started the movement to dismiss relations with this clinic, which could have cost the facility more than one billion dollars. But be the beginning of 2016, conditions had started to improve considerably, and their well-renowned Cardiology department has just gotten better with the passage of time and introduction of new technology. With its 18 campuses, the Cleveland Clinic became one of the best hospitals in different locations across United States, Abu Dhabi, and Canada

  1. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, United States

Based on a rule where the family doesn’t have to pay out of pocket costs for the care of their little ones, St. Judes is not only known as one of the best hospitals but is also known as one of those hospitals that fully encompasses the idea of sympathy.

St. Jude depends on donations from organizations, individuals, and companies. It is listed as one of the best training hospitals in the US. The research department of this hospital is better than everything else with the substantial investment made in the future pediatric sciences. St. Jude’s also bears affiliations with many well-recognized hospitals worldwide.

  1. John Hopkins Medical Centre, United States

John Hopkins’ Medical School and Hospital is known well for the facilities of medical expertise on the planet. On having the origin of specialties such as cardiac surgery and Neurosurgery, along with the source point of the modern education of medical that encompasses clinical rotations and internships.

John Hopkins has also been rated as one of the top leading hospitals in the world for more than 20 years. Recently the Hopkins Medical Centre also happened to be the site of the first male-to-female gender reassignment surgery.

  1. Mayo Clinic, Rochester and Scottsdale Campuses, United States

Mayo Clinic ranks among top hospitals that deal in specialties as Gynaecology, Nephrology, and Endocrinology. The campuses of Mayo Clinic have been rated as number one by US News and World Report. The medical facilities offered by it also fall among the only ones in the United States that have been rated as five stars from the Centres of Medicaid Services and Medicare; that looks mainly at the care standards and economic value of health care. With a staff of over 4,000 workers at medical research, chiefly on virology and disease processes. Mayo is now looking forward to the public health regarding treating epidemics in a sensible and efficient way.

  1. University of Maryland Medical Centre, United States

With more than 1,000 physicians who are not only working, but also teaching within the medical centre, this Hospital is also considered as a massive teaching institute, and one of the world’s biggest Trauma Centres. Having one of the best critical care and first Shock Trauma Centre, this capability offers training to practitioners across the world about the treatment of injuries resulting from road accidents and violence. The hospital also holds one of the biggest kidney transplant programs in the world, allowing specialization in Nephrology and related fields.