It’s not just a doctor that has to deal with disturbed patients and their families, the nurses on the front line also have to face the outrage. Whether the patients are experiencing an issue or expressing a complaint, a nurse is a person who is approached first even before the doctors. Managing them and their families comes as your first routine task.

Here are few of the tips that will help you to handle tactfully with annoyed patients and their families.

Firstly, you need to Identify the things that cause distress

It is highly suggested first to recognize the problem that may begin to get distressed. These signs may include pacing around, fidgeting, crossed legs or arms, looking at their watch invariably or answering with short, unclear phrases. Upon seeing these signs, you should try to approach the person and try to lighten up the mood, or simply listen to their concern calmly.

Understand their reason of being angry

If you ever find the patient or his/her family blowing up, try to understand what made him/her angry and what he/she is angry about. Patients and families hardly get angry for any piddling reason. Be compassionate with the patient who is sick, in pain, or don’t have hope to survive. Identify the cause of the problem and reason if it is something that you can do something about and control over it.

Consider their problem and communicate with the patient in the same manner

The very first statement you make should be an endorsement of the patient’s or his/her family’s emotions. You should use Statements like “I understand.” and giving them the hope like” everything will be all right.” Will help to make them feel better.  Then, in the case of any inconvenience, apologize immediately – irrespective whether it is unintentional or intentional. Never argue with the patients and families. Also, avoid making defensive answers nor accuse any person of the inconvenience. Always make sure to maintain your body language alongside your words.

Try to stay calm

Never involve yourself in any matter of an angry patient or family member. If you sympathize with what they are facing, it will be a way easier to not take actions performed by them and stay on your duty. But if someone is really pushing you to behave strangely then try to remain calm before doing anything that you will regret later. It is better to try 10-count, this will help you to forget the problem that is happening around you.

Let them vent their frustration

Sometimes it is seen that patients or their families get irritated and they let their frustration be released on the medical staff. It is natural to react angrily but being a nurse you should try to stay as calm as possible. Until and unless it is causing disturbance to you or the medical facility, let them let out their frustration the way they want.