Nursing is not an easy job, you have to run soon after getting up from your bed. In this hectic routine, you usually do not have time to take proper and complete meal and you have to starve at work. Avoiding your meal for longer hours can badly affect your health. Taking care of your health should be your priority. If you cannot take care of your own health and diet, then how can you take care of your patients. If you think that you usually do not have sufficient time for meal, then you can have these 5 types of “Grab and Go” snacks with you to work.

Dried Fruits and Nuts
You can take a packet full of dried nuts and fruits. Since they are the handiest thing so you can eat them anywhere and anytime. You can easily put them in a zip bag or a food container. They will fill your tummy quickly and the nutrients they provide will work like fuel for your body for a good time.

Fruit Salads
The fruit salads are always easy to make in the morning and they are highly nutritious for you. But if you have no time to prepare one before heading out to work, you can just prepare it when you have break at work. these fruit salads are actually a great source of vitamins, water, high fibres and they can easily fulfil your sugar cravings without increasing your weight.

Tuna Salad
Tuna salads are always considered a perfect meal for a hectic day. If you just mix it up with some green and yellow vegetables, it will please your taste buds greatly and fill your body with multi vitamins. In order to accentuate its taste, you can go for a quick delicious recipe. In order to have a flavour kick, you can prepare it by adding some lemon, yoghurt, olive oil and you are all set to go!
Avocado Toast
If you are running out of time and you have no idea what to take with you in your lunch box for office, then avocado toasts are the most delicious, healthy, quick meal to go with. You can prepare it by simply mashing an avocado onto a big slice of brown bread with a perfectly sliced tomato and just a pinch of salt.
Hard Boiled Eggs
The hard-boiled eggs are the real treat for your body during a hectic day, and they are highly quick and easy to make, it would not require you to put so much effort to prepare it. You can just complete it up with some delicious cottage cheese or even with fresh vegetable salad. The best thing about boiled eggs is that they help you losing your weight and fulfil all the nutritions your body needs. Eggs may serve like a substitute of chicken. They are full of proteins and hold the same nutrition value as a piece of boiled chicken.