Both the terminologies, “non-medical care and medical home care” can sound similar and the purpose of both services is to help seniors when there is no one to look after them. But there is a very obvious and strong difference between non-medical and medical home care services, it has been seen that the clients often make a mistake to understand what service they actually need. Both the services are meant to help clients but in different manners. Here are few facts that will help you understand the perceptible difference between non-medical and medical home services.

What are the non-medical home services?
Non-medical home care services are comprised of various services including transportation to and from doctors, cleaning the house, meal preparation, medication reminder, vacuuming, toileting, dusting, taking seniors to walk, bathing, laundry, maintaining a healthy environment inside the home and guarding home so that seniors can stay safe from theft and burglary. Non-medical home care encompasses all the services that help seniors perform their daily activities in their homes. They are essentially meant to keep them healthy and safe.

Home care may include both informal and professional support networks. They help patients meet their family’s needs. In particular, non-medical home care services mean that care providers do not provide skilled care to the patients like tending wounds or administering shots.

What are the medical home care services?
The medical home care services refer to health care facilities provided by licensed medical professionals for seniors who are sick and need to personalize medical facilities such as injecting insulin, dialysis or other medical care prescribed by their physicians. the most important purpose of medical home care is to help patients improve their health. Some of the most common medical home services include:

Wound care
• Occupational therapy
• IV therapy injections
• Nursing