Ouellette and her husband Kent Ferguson were in Windsor to attend her niece’s graduation. It happened to be their luckiest choice to stop at Wendy’s restaurant for lunch. But that’s when the day took a terrifying turn. Ouellette suddenly went into cardiac arrest. There had been no symptoms neither any warning, it happened all of a sudden.

Kent Ferguson states; “We just ordered our food, sat down and, bang: her head just dropped to the table. Just like that.”

Without wasting a minute, Ferguson shouted for someone to call the emergency and out of nowhere Amanda Ferrari, a nurse who happened to be there, came to him. Ferguson states; “She rushed right over. She said, ‘I’m a nurse, can I help?”

It looks like it paid off to eat at Wendy’s.

“She brought her back three times,” Ferguson says of Ferrari’s heroic CPR intervention.

A while later, paramedics arrived, and they worked on her for about 35 minutes, in the restaurant. Ferguson was anxious.

According to facts when Ouellette’s type of cardiac arrest occurs outside of a hospital, the chances of surviving it is only seven or eight percent, and they are incredibly grateful to Ferrari for saving Ouellette’s life.

Ouellette spent further three days on life support in Windsor’s Cardiac Care Unit before her state showed any signs of improvement.