Aegle Gear is a health care apparel company which is about to change the mentality of healthcare institutions and people working in the healthcare field.

George Brown and Uli Becker (Former CEO of Reebok) have a terrific experience of designing clothing to help athletes perform in diverse environments with no compromise in comfort and style. These two have recently been discussing on the healthcare profession. They aim to cater the needs of those that care for others with the gear that fits.

Brown said; “The years we spent designing gear to help athletes compete at a higher level have served us well when it comes to resourcing professionals who are on call to save lives.”

Brown refers scrubs to as “bedsheets sewn into a pajama.” He considers that he can enhance the idea of medical uniforms and come up with something which not only fits the needs of the healthcare workers but also is smart and classy to wear.

Aegle Gear believes that procedure follows role. They set out to design a durable antimicrobial fabric that can bear the daily consistencies of the healthcare worker. This material is stretchable and has been treated with the hypoallergenic, antimicrobial agent. This design is said to be ergonomic, and it offers every function that is found in your fitness attire.

Considering this, we can say bye-bye to the scrubs and hello to the modern, classy medical uniforms.