Your heart is the central part of your body, if your heart is happy and healthy so you are healthy! You need to have healthy lifestyle to keep your heart away from diseases. The heart is also muscle and a very vital muscle that needs to be maintained through proper delivery of nutrients and regular exercise. For some people, giving over some bad habits can help them avoid many heart diseases.  You might need to follow the following steps to have a healthy heart.

Stop using tobacco

Using tobacco may run the risk of heart damage. Both nicotine and tobacco contain material that may harm your heart and blood vessels and gives rise to atherosclerosis, which can be defined as plaque made up of cholesterol, calcium and fat in your vessels that can cause your arteries to contract, decreasing the blood flow. The carbon monoxide found in cigarette smoke is also linked to morbidity and mortality. It affects oxygen, so your heart is under pressure to supply additional oxygen to reimburse.
The contraction of the blood vessels, joined by the stress on the heart can cause the heart attack. And the only way to stop this burden on your heart and strive for a healthier heart is to stop smoking the cigarette. Around 1 in 5 deaths in the America are caused by smoking. As per National Institute of Health, smoking is considered as the chief avertible cause of humanity in the United States.

Add exercise into your daily routine

By incorporating exercise in your routine, you can actually cut down the risk of heart attacks and other heart diseases.  As we have mentioned above that heart is a muscle and to maintain any muscle, exercising is one of the best ways. A 30-minute moderate aerobic a day can improve your blood circulation and consequently improves your heart’s health. It is also good to add resistance training into your workout for at least two days every week but make sure to start with easy and comfortable stretches and moves and gradually increase the strain and difficulty.

Maintain a healthy and balanced weight

Your weight has direct impact on overall health of your body, and it is highly crucial to maintain a healthy weight for a healthy body. An unusual weight gain causes your body to need more effort from your heart to keep a baseline resting level. This continual stress on your heart can damage it and produces further issues in the future. A balanced diet and exercise will help you to lose the weight that is causing stress on your heart.
In a case of high blood pressure, your heart needs to pump harder to get the apt amount of nutrients and oxygen through your body, this can damage your heart and vessels over time. The risk of high blood pressure is significantly higher when you are overweight or obese. On the other hand, if plaque has been developed in your arteries then it may cause stroke.