Below are the top 5 nurse blogs in no particular order. They write in style, cut through the confusion and get rid of the unnecessary content.

ER Nurses Blog
Entertaining and provocative. This blog would leave you thinking that why don’t you work in an emergency department. You would also appreciate and admire those who do.

Codeblog: Tales of a Nurse
It would make you reconsider your decision to become a critical care RN.

This is the best dad-gum aggregator of blogs on the net. Just make sure, that you have quite some time before you start reading this one.

Abilene Rob
Rob is a new nurse. He doesn’t update the blog regularly but the archives are worth reading. He always has a decent story.

Madness: Tales of an Emergency Room Nurse
This one’s incredibly gross. The rawest exploration of inner-city, blundered-nursing that you’d ever read.