Most businesses and offices are closed during Christmas holidays, except for nursing. Being a doctor or a nurse isn’t an easy task. It comes with challenges and sacrifices. Who would want to spend time, working in a hospital and staying away from their family? Only someone who is devoted.

You may get to be away from your family, but you’re serving the community, you might even save someone’s life and what could be better than that? The job sure is rewarding in the end.

According to the nursing supervisor of Berkeley Medical Center, Kimmie Shipley, there were 90 patients in the hospital, during the holiday. The medical staff stayed active throughout the day offering medical assistance to the patients.

Shipley said. “Today a lot of patients are coming with respiratory issues.”

Dr. Shahin Rahimian said: “People get sick regardless of what time of year it is. It’s rewarding to be here for them, to help them out and take care of them.”

Shipley said that the nursing units try their best to make the holidays extraordinary for both, themselves and the patients. During Thanksgiving, the hospital provides a meal for employees and their families. Santa Claus also pays a visit and hands goodie bags to the children.

“It’s about taking care of our community. For Christmas, a lot of units bring food into break rooms. The nurses get to eat during breaks when they get the chance,” Shipley said. “It’s difficult to do something special for every single patient, but we try to lighten up their day,” said Shipley.

Shipley stated that the nurses have always pooled resources to get small gifts for a few patients. This year, the nurses pitched in and raised up to $900. This was donated to a family who was affected by the southern West Virginia floods. One of the nurses even bought three bikes for the three boys, aged 6, 8 and 10.

The nurses have always been generous and caring during holidays. They know that being away from your family during holidays isn’t that easy. They do whatever they can to make the patients feel loved and delighted.