Who doesn’t love to have fuller and thicker hair? Everyone does for sure! To have naturally beautiful and healthy is no less than any blessing. Your looks are 70% dependent on the type of hair you have. No matter how well dressed you are, how expensive and swanky jewelry you wear, how well you make up is done, if your hair doesn’t look perfect, everything else goes in vain! Having fuller and beautiful hair and maintaining them requires effort and time.

Here are five crucial things you can do to improve your hair growth.

Consume the right kind of fat

You might be taking some fats, but how sure are you that it is the right fat your hair growth? Certain fats are needed to maintain both healthy body and healthy hair production. When all the good fats are taken in considerable amount, they can help you improve your hair growth. The intake of right fats helps you process the vitamins, including vitamin A, D E, and K which are essential for fuller and thicker hair.

Add enough iron and zinc in your diet

Iron and zinc are the two most important components that help you grow your hair and improve their texture. Make sure to add these two vital components in your daily diet. Iron develops oxygen to your cells, from the blood circulating in your toes up to the hair follicles. Beef and other animal’s meats are the great sources of iron, besides meat, some vegetables such as spinach and broccoli are also rich in iron.

Zinc helps in repairing your damaged tissues and make sure that all the oil glands around your hair follicles are functioning properly. Oysters, roast beef, roasted pumpkin, dark chocolate, cocoa powder, and squash seeds are full of zinc and can assist you to achieve required amount of iron.

Consume considerable amount of Vitamin C

The acute deficiency of vitamin C can cause severe hair damage and makes your hair weak. On the other side, an appropriate consumption of vitamin C in your diet can help you grow your hair two times faster. Citric fruits, broccoli, and spinach are packed with vitamin C. The experts recommend daily intake of 45mg of vitamin C for the children aged between 8-13, 70 mg for teenagers, and 90mg for adults.

Do not damage your hair with straightener and blow dryer

You might not realize while styling your hair but you are actually damaging your hair with those styling tools. We know you love playing with your hair, but a frequent use of these tools can damage your hair and makes the roots frail and weak.

Use wide-toothed comb

Be very considerate while choosing the comb for your hair. Experts always suggest using a wide-toothed comb as it can quickly untangle your hair and save them from breakage. Make sure to brush your hair when it is dry; your hair is more vulnerable when they are wet. Use a real and considerable amount of conditioner after wash and before combing.