Did you know that there is a day called “I’m not going to take it anymore day”? No? Well, we didn’t either! Although, what we do know is that, this day seems to be interesting considering the name given to it.

Let us first share with you all that, what exactly is “I’m not going to take it anymore day.” This day is celebrated on January 7th. On this day people fight back against the injustices inflicted upon them to show that they are human beings and they cannot be controlled like puppets. To show that they have a right to make their decisions and choices.

We are sure that you all reach a stage where you get extremely frustrated, knowing that you can’t deal it anymore. January 7th is just the right day to express that. Let everyone know that you’re not going to take it anymore! The situation can be anything, your job, your relationship or even your weight. This day is the starting point to make positive changes. It is a day for you to let it all out!

Today, January 7th is “I’m not going to take it anymore day,” and you’re probably wondering how to celebrate it. Don’t confuse yourself anymore. ScrubsAndUniformsis here to help you out! We will tell you what you can do.

Today, we want you to express yourself and fight for yourself. You should know that you’re not helpless. Start by Preparing a list. Mention a few things that you’re sick and tired of and can’t deal with anymore. Then, start working out on it to make a change.

Being a part of the health care department, you sometimes have to work till late at night, pulling off night shifts. There are times when you never take a peaceful nap at home. There are times when you never wake up to have a healthy breakfast without being in a hurry. You’re probably tired of that, aren’t you?

Well, today is the day you fight for yourself. Today is the day to treat yourself. Today is for you! If you are told to reach hospital early and you being there or not doesn’t make a difference, then arrive a bit late. Again, if you are told to stay late unnecessarily, then fight for yourself and take off early.

If you’re a kind of person who is grumpy and non-communicative and you never felt truly appreciated try something different, try to be polite and cheerful all day, you might love it, and you may be satisfied with yourself.

Learn to celebrate the little things, cherish the moments. Here’s to a year worth celebrating!