Are you looking forward to renewing your enthusiasm for new year? Want to excel in your career this year? And therefore, we make new year resolutions! But always remember that you can achieve new goals only when you have a positive mindset. Forget about all the challenges you had to face last year, prepare yourself for a tremendous success this year and let it be your new year resolution.

Following are the pieces of advice that will help you stay positive towards the achievement of goals this year.

Focus on where you want to be, not where you are!

Be thoughtful of the major goals you want to achieve and you are working for, it will help you to find opportunities instead of obstacles. What is an opportunity? Opportunity is finding a unique solution to a problem that has been created by your boss. This will let you win the trust of your boss and consequently becomes an opportunity for you.

Develop good habits

Shweta Jhajharia, the award-winning coach from “The London Coaching Group,” believes that people are too abstract when they try to make new year resolution.

If your new year resolution is to be successful in your career and maintain positivity, then you need to develop healthy habits. Good habits may include your behavior towards people in your surroundings. When you stay positive about everything associated with your work, goals and people so this positivity can be felt by everyone around you and thus it creates harmony among you and other co-workers, making the working environment better and less stressing.

Acknowledge your accomplishments

Jon Gordon, a well-recognized motivation keynote speaker believes that people must recognize their achievements and moments to be grateful for.

You can recognize your achievements by doing these practices.

Every night before you go to your bed, write down the things you accomplished in day, whether it is about your job or some other social activity.

After waking up and before leaving for work, remind yourself of the things you achieved in your whole career and the things that looked impossible but you attempted them and successfully got them done.