When you get a tension headache, you may feel like someone is holding your head and squeezing it tightly. You may also feel a sharp pain in your scalp or around your neck. The tension headaches are the most common type of headaches. Though the causes are not well recognized. The experts believe that it is usually triggered by overthinking, depression, injury, continues stress or anxiety. However, by taking the right treatment at the right time, you may find relief.

Here are some tips that can help you get rid of a tension headache.

Ask out your doctor about the Usage of medication:

If you do not get relief from a tension headache by using OTC drugs or by changing your lifestyle, your doctor may recommend you to use some strong medicines like indomethacin, naproxen or piroxicam. But these medications include side effects like upset stomach, bleeding, and heart diseases. Your doctor must inform you about all the side effects and complications these medicines may produce.

Ask your doctor about taking massage therapy:

The medical massage therapies are a bit different from messages that are taken for relaxation. The massage therapy that is targeted for neck and shoulders can be effective at curing tension headaches and decreasing their reoccurrence. You can look for certified and licensed massage therapist by using directory provided by American Massage Therapy Association.

Go to the optician to have your eyes examined:

Eye strain can also trigger a tension headache. If you think that you have frequent headaches, i.e; more than two per week, then you must schedule an appointment with your nearest optician to get your eyes examined properly because any kind of difficulty with your vision could be contributing to headaches.

Sleep in quiet and dark room:

Stress and depression are the two most common causes of headaches, and once you realize that your headache is a type of a tension headache then you should make some immediate changes to your sleeping pattern, people who overthink about anything before sleeping are more prone to have a tension headache. Try sleeping in a quiet and dark to release the stress. Close your eyes and try to relax your shoulders, neck, and back.

Opt for deep breathing exercises:

Deep breathing exercises can help you reduce any stress and relax your body, including your brain. You can do it by taking small and even deep breathes. Just close your eyes while taking several deep breaths. Drop chin towards your chest and gradually rotate your head from side to side. Keep doing this exercise until you feel relaxed.

Hydrate yourself with plain water or herbal tea:

Just as you begin to feel a strain in your head with sudden pain, drink several glasses of water immediately, the intake of herbal tea can also release stress and help you feel better and relaxed. Dehydration is another worth mentioning cause of a tension headache. Also, make sure to avoid drinking caffeine and alcohol as they will only contribute to increase dehydration in your body.