Wearing a lab coat should be obligatory when working in labs because a lab coat acts as a protective sheath around your body. The lab coat is protection and scientists need lab coats when they are working with dangerous and hazardous chemicals or pouring things that could ruin their clothing. Also, rest of the time they are a uniform to indicate prestige. The reason lab coats are white in color is that they can repeatedly be bleached for sterilization without making colors run or cause too much damage to the fabric. Blue lab coat will protect your clothes just as well.  But white sends a message, “Dude, it is time to send this for washing & wear another lab coat for a while!”


  1. Lab coats for men with all buttons buttoned and sleeves rolled down makes you look like a smart scientist.
  2. Lab coats protect your everyday clothes from dust and non-obvious infections in the labs. A tie-dyed lab coat for men will never go out of fashion, but a tie-dyed shirt goes in and out of style.
  3. Your skin is safe when wearing a lab coat from splashes and spills while working in the laboratory.
  4. Lab coats can protect you against fire because lab coats are usually made of cotton and cotton does not burn easily, thus saving you from burns.
  5. If you are wearing your lab coat, the safety staff of the lab will not stop you and ask “Where is your lab coat?”

Lab coats for men show other people that you are managing something possibly deadly and dangerous. The lab coats for men have big pockets that can hold a pen, paper, and some other useful stuff. Everything else a lab coat offers is just an extension of protection, security and usefulness.

So everyone working in the labs, please wear a lab coat for your safety!