Nurses and doctors have to wear scrubs when treating patients and working in hospitals. There are many harmful bacteria and viruses that get caught on the scrubs. Thus proper sanitation is required. After the hands, it is the clothes that one uses that can take an entire army of pathogens and parasites from one person to another. To help everyone live a healthier and cleaner life, here are some sanitation strategies that will keep all those harmful germs away.

At Ventura City, Nurses and other medical staff wear scrubs only when they are on duty. It is better to not wear them off duty, and on lunch breaks. Always change your clothes when you go home after work. Because there are a lot of infectious viruses on the roads and at home that you do not want to take with you to the hospital. In the hospitals of Ventura City, nurses are provided with big sealable bags at work so that they can safely carry their scrubs until they are cleaned. Do not treat your scrubs like any other dress when it is time to wash them because scrubs require proper sanitation than a regular shirt and jeans. Do not wash them with other clothes because scrubs might infect the other clothing with microorganisms.