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Get fit! Don’t quit


When it comes to losing weight, a lot of people are seemed hesitant; they believe that it will take lots of their time and energy and that’s why they never take a step forward to get in shape. But you must have heard “pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever. Losing weight is itself a big challenge for both men and women. If you think that you are a plus sized man or a woman, you don’t need to sit in the corner, keeping yourself away from the eyes of people and stop eating what you love. Hating your meal is not an ultimate solution to get rid of huge and hefty look. All you need to do is, “prepare yourself mentally” for this mission, to get on this mission; you need to love yourself, stop punishing yourself by eating nothing all day long. Not eating anything will only fade you down. Eating good is an art. Right choices will put you in the mindset of eating smarter. Healthy diet can be a blessing for you if you follow it rigorously and enthusiastically. Doctors often recommend to prepare diet and exercise journal to lose weight. Rome was not built in a day, similarly for effective and desired results you need to be patient, good results appear only when you show fortitude.

If you have gone “fit to fat,” it’s the right time for you to go “fat to fit.”

Many people confess that they used to look smarter in their teenage because they were more active in their high schools. Many of them were sporty and athlete but after getting busy in professional lives they forget to pay attention to their diet and physical activities and this led to the continuous and abnormal increase in their weights, the rise in weight offers an irregular shape to your body. The huge size of your body at times make you look older than your actual age, which is certainly a matter of stress. But keep in your mind that stress is not going to help you any way. For a drastic change in your body, you need to opt for regular exercises and proper diet. Head out for an exercise whenever you get some time off your hectic routine, it will be a way awesome if you start jogging every morning and take healthy and low categorized breakfast. Relying on a low-fat meal can surely help you losing pounds. Consult the nearest nutritionist to assist you in planning a diet that is adaptable for your height and age. On the other hand, you can start it today by relying on fresh and raw vegetables and fruits, drinking fresh juices with brown sugar can help you achieving desirable results. Organic diet has been proven to be a blessing when it comes to lose annoying weight. Don’t fear, you are never too late and old to get in shape. A little effort can help you getting fit in your favorite old dress you worn on prom and looked sexier than others around you.


How to Have a Beautiful Smile



There are some people who are luckier than others, in a way that they have white and aligned teeth. Having aligned teeth are one of the features that make you look beautiful. Attractive and perfect smile increases your confidence and helps grabbing attention of people in your surroundings.

To have a beautiful and healthy smile, you need to maintain healthy oral routine and regular visits to dentist. Here are some of the tips that will help you have a healthy and sparkling smile.

Brush your teeth two to three times a day

Dentist recommend to brush teeth two to three times a day to avoid tooth decay, swollen gums, and discoloration. Not only this, proper brushing also removes the stains of food and gives you healthier and whiter smile. After finishing your meal, wait for at least 30 minutes to brush your teeth, or else brushing might have unhealthy and harmful effects on your teeth. It may weaken your enamel and leads to wear and damage.

Use fluoridated toothpaste

Toothpaste that has fluoride is supposed to be the most efficient way to protect your teeth against damage and discoloration. Fluoride strengthen your teeth and provide them a shelter to fight against cavities more effectively than other non-fluoridated toothpastes.

Change your toothbrush after every three months

Dentists highly suggest to replace toothbrush after every three months because old, used brushes are less operative at cleaning your teeth. Make sure to buy fresh and a new toothbrush every three months or so. You must change your toothbrush when you notice that the bristles are fraying or bending. You should also change your toothbrush after recovering from illness to avoid spread of diseases.

Buy those toothbrushes that have soft bristles

Always opt for those brushes that have soft and round-edged bristles because rough and hard bristles may damage your enamel. Also, avoid scraping too hard against your teeth, it can scratch your enamel and leads to dental sensitivity and damaged tooth structure.

Daily flossing

Flossing can help prevent plaque and bacteria that your toothpaste might leave. You may use special waxed thread to floss your teeth. Move thread around your teeth to clean the spaces between your teeth. You may floss your teeth before and after brushing, both ways ensure healthy smile.

Five delicious and easy ways to blast at the belly fat


When you need to cut down your belly fat and look like a celebrity, the solution starts with the quality of the breakfast you take at the beginning of your day!

Here are the seven easy and amazing fat-fighting ways to start your healthy day!

Keep your breakfast balanced!

Your breakfast should be well balanced, a well-balanced breakfast includes perfectly divided portions of fruits, vegetables, grains, and other vital fats. If your breakfast is based on muffins, white bread, chocolate cakes, and other baked stuff, then you may run the risk of many health diseases alongside abnormal weight gain. Try to eat a well-balanced breakfast to cut down your belly fat.

Switch from coffee to green tea

Green tea has many health benefits including heart-protective benefits and removing oxidants from body. It also works miraculously when it comes to losing weight, specially targeting your belly fat. A study shows that a cup of green tea can raise the rate at which your body burn calories and speed up the rate at which it uses fats. Contrary to it, the intake of coffee in the morning gives you extra calories and can slow down your metabolic system.

Consume at least 5 grams of fiber every morning

Fibers are much needed for a healthy body, it fills your stomach up and cleanse your body and has zero calories. The intake of fibers in your breakfast can be an ideal ingredient for quick weight loss. Add a large apple, half cup of high-fiber cereal, half cup of blackberries and two slices of brown bread in your diet to get an appropriate amount of fiber each morning.

Add yogurt in your breakfast

Yogurt is considered as one of the healthiest foods in the world. Its intake in the morning can be the perfect serving of protein. You can serve plain yogurt or mix it with cereals, berries dark chocolate or even honey to enhance the taste and to add extra health benefits in your breakfast.

Don’t limit yourself to specific breakfast-foods

No one has ever said that you should not eat certain foods for breakfast and there are some specific products to be used for breakfast. You can eat anything that suits your body requirements without affecting your weight. You can even enjoy eating whole grain pasta or a bowl full of soup in your breakfast.


Health Benefits Of Eating Cinnamon


Cinnamon has always been considered as a miracle food in many religions, cultures and science have also proven that the active oil components present in it such as cinnamaldehyde, Cinnamyl alcohol, and cinnamyl acetate contain a lot of health benefits. Cinnamon plays the role of therapeutic in various ailments such as minor bacterial infections, digestive troubles, or colds.
Here are the few ways you can use cinnamon to treat your ailments.

Choose the Best Form of Cinnamon

Cinnamon can be found in powder, in the sticks, extract form or as a supplement. You need to think about the ailment you need it for. you can try using stick and powders in different drinks and meals to make it interesting. You can opt for powder if you are buying it for the seasoning of your food. While you can use stick when cooking rice in a pan. However, you can use cinnamon extract if your doctor recommends you to use it to manage your sugar level.

Add a Teaspoon Of Cinnamon to Your Warm Drink to Control Flu And Cold

Cinnamon contains good anti-microbial properties that can help you fight against the viral infections, cough cold, and flu when added to warm water or any other drink. When a teaspoon of cinnamon is added to a glass of hot water, it turns out to be a soothing drink that won’t only cure your cough and cold but will also help feel a way better and energized.

You Can Use Cinnamon Drink to Get Rid of A Runny Nose

A hot cinnamon drink can tackle your runny nose. When It is combined with hot water and ginger, it will give you an extra kick and help you get rid of an irritating runny nose much faster than any medicine.

Opt For Ceylon Cinnamon

There are two major types of cinnamon; one is Cassia Cinnamon, and the other one is Ceylon Cinnamon. The Ceylon Cinnamon is also called “true” or “proper” cinnamon, it is usually not available in local market, however Cassia cinnamon can be easily found in any local market. Ceylon cinnamon is the option because of its lower coumarin.

5 Ways to Improve Your Hair Growth


Who doesn’t love to have fuller and thicker hair? Everyone does for sure! To have naturally beautiful and healthy is no less than any blessing. Your looks are 70% dependent on the type of hair you have. No matter how well dressed you are, how expensive and swanky jewelry you wear, how well you make up is done, if your hair doesn’t look perfect, everything else goes in vain! Having fuller and beautiful hair and maintaining them requires effort and time.

Here are five crucial things you can do to improve your hair growth.

Consume the right kind of fat

You might be taking some fats, but how sure are you that it is the right fat your hair growth? Certain fats are needed to maintain both healthy body and healthy hair production. When all the good fats are taken in considerable amount, they can help you improve your hair growth. The intake of right fats helps you process the vitamins, including vitamin A, D E, and K which are essential for fuller and thicker hair.

Add enough iron and zinc in your diet

Iron and zinc are the two most important components that help you grow your hair and improve their texture. Make sure to add these two vital components in your daily diet. Iron develops oxygen to your cells, from the blood circulating in your toes up to the hair follicles. Beef and other animal’s meats are the great sources of iron, besides meat, some vegetables such as spinach and broccoli are also rich in iron.

Zinc helps in repairing your damaged tissues and make sure that all the oil glands around your hair follicles are functioning properly. Oysters, roast beef, roasted pumpkin, dark chocolate, cocoa powder, and squash seeds are full of zinc and can assist you to achieve required amount of iron.

Consume considerable amount of Vitamin C

The acute deficiency of vitamin C can cause severe hair damage and makes your hair weak. On the other side, an appropriate consumption of vitamin C in your diet can help you grow your hair two times faster. Citric fruits, broccoli, and spinach are packed with vitamin C. The experts recommend daily intake of 45mg of vitamin C for the children aged between 8-13, 70 mg for teenagers, and 90mg for adults.

Do not damage your hair with straightener and blow dryer

You might not realize while styling your hair but you are actually damaging your hair with those styling tools. We know you love playing with your hair, but a frequent use of these tools can damage your hair and makes the roots frail and weak.

Use wide-toothed comb

Be very considerate while choosing the comb for your hair. Experts always suggest using a wide-toothed comb as it can quickly untangle your hair and save them from breakage. Make sure to brush your hair when it is dry; your hair is more vulnerable when they are wet. Use a real and considerable amount of conditioner after wash and before combing.

Dental sensitivity


Dental Sensitivity is one of the most common diseases, some people do not even consider it as a disease, it can occur in your teeth due to several reasons,

• Tooth decay
• Fractured teeth
• Weak enamel
• Gum disease
• Exposed tooth root
• Worn filling

Sensitive teeth? What can you do to get rid of sensitive teeth?
Here is the list of few things you can do at home to get rid of dental sensitivity. However, for a permanent solution, you may need to visit the dentist, but for instant relief, you can adopt these home remedies.

Use a toothpaste made for sensitive teeth

Sensitive teeth are not hazardous to your life, but they interfere in your life when you tuck in your favorite food. The sensitive teeth cause sudden sharp pain, that lasts for seconds but can annoy you whenever you chew anything hard. The sensitivity can be averted by using toothpaste designed to help people to get rid of dental sensitivity.

The toothpaste that contains the adequate amount of potassium nitrate can be really helpful for the patients, on the other side dentists suggest that if you are using a toothpaste ideal for dental sensitivity and it relieves your pain then you must continue using it. Long term use of these toothpaste can bring positive changes in your oral health. The primary function of this toothpaste is to block tiny tubules in the dentine. It is preferable to use them before you eat something that causes that sharp pain.

Change the way you brush your teeth

The way you are brushing your teeth can be wrong, and causing dental sensitivity by damaging your enamel, if the bristles of your toothbrush are too hard so they can wear away your enamel, and sensitivity occurs! When something causes harm to the enamel of your teeth, it causes sharp pain.  Make sure you pick the toothbrush that has soft and round-edged bristles and brush your teeth for minimum two minutes.

Do not grind your teeth

If you often grind your teeth while sleeping, or when you are anxious, nervous or angry, then you are at the risk of suffering from dental sensitivity. The teeth of upper jaw when come in contact with the teeth of the lower jaw, they grind each other and consequently the enamel gets worn away. As discussed earlier anything that harms dental enamel gives rise to tooth sensitivity.

Use a fluoridated mouthwash

It is ideal to use fluoridated mouthwash in the morning and most importantly before bed, to prevent dental sensitivity. The fluoridated toothpaste can help restore your enamel by coating with the materials that make it stronger. These strengthening materials also fill in the tubules that lead into inner tooth pulp through dentine that is situated below tooth enamel. But it is to be kept in mind that using mouthwash once can’t bring results; you need to use it vigorously for drastic results.

The tips mentioned above are designed for those who are seeking for the advice to treat dental sensitivity naturally, affordable and at home. In severe cases, it is always recommended to visit your nearest dentist.

Nursing Is A 365-Day-A-Year Job


Most businesses and offices are closed during Christmas holidays, except for nursing. Being a doctor or a nurse isn’t an easy task. It comes with challenges and sacrifices. Who would want to spend time, working in a hospital and staying away from their family? Only someone who is devoted.

You may get to be away from your family, but you’re serving the community, you might even save someone’s life and what could be better than that? The job sure is rewarding in the end.

According to the nursing supervisor of Berkeley Medical Center, Kimmie Shipley, there were 90 patients in the hospital, during the holiday. The medical staff stayed active throughout the day offering medical assistance to the patients.

Shipley said. “Today a lot of patients are coming with respiratory issues.”

Dr. Shahin Rahimian said: “People get sick regardless of what time of year it is. It’s rewarding to be here for them, to help them out and take care of them.”

Shipley said that the nursing units try their best to make the holidays extraordinary for both, themselves and the patients. During Thanksgiving, the hospital provides a meal for employees and their families. Santa Claus also pays a visit and hands goodie bags to the children.

“It’s about taking care of our community. For Christmas, a lot of units bring food into break rooms. The nurses get to eat during breaks when they get the chance,” Shipley said. “It’s difficult to do something special for every single patient, but we try to lighten up their day,” said Shipley.

Shipley stated that the nurses have always pooled resources to get small gifts for a few patients. This year, the nurses pitched in and raised up to $900. This was donated to a family who was affected by the southern West Virginia floods. One of the nurses even bought three bikes for the three boys, aged 6, 8 and 10.

The nurses have always been generous and caring during holidays. They know that being away from your family during holidays isn’t that easy. They do whatever they can to make the patients feel loved and delighted.

5 Nurse Blogs That You Can’t Miss Out


Below are the top 5 nurse blogs in no particular order. They write in style, cut through the confusion and get rid of the unnecessary content.

ER Nurses Blog
Entertaining and provocative. This blog would leave you thinking that why don’t you work in an emergency department. You would also appreciate and admire those who do.

Codeblog: Tales of a Nurse
It would make you reconsider your decision to become a critical care RN.

This is the best dad-gum aggregator of blogs on the net. Just make sure, that you have quite some time before you start reading this one.

Abilene Rob
Rob is a new nurse. He doesn’t update the blog regularly but the archives are worth reading. He always has a decent story.

Madness: Tales of an Emergency Room Nurse
This one’s incredibly gross. The rawest exploration of inner-city, blundered-nursing that you’d ever read.

Three ways to have a healthy heart


Your heart is the central part of your body, if your heart is happy and healthy so you are healthy! You need to have healthy lifestyle to keep your heart away from diseases. The heart is also muscle and a very vital muscle that needs to be maintained through proper delivery of nutrients and regular exercise. For some people, giving over some bad habits can help them avoid many heart diseases.  You might need to follow the following steps to have a healthy heart.

Stop using tobacco

Using tobacco may run the risk of heart damage. Both nicotine and tobacco contain material that may harm your heart and blood vessels and gives rise to atherosclerosis, which can be defined as plaque made up of cholesterol, calcium and fat in your vessels that can cause your arteries to contract, decreasing the blood flow. The carbon monoxide found in cigarette smoke is also linked to morbidity and mortality. It affects oxygen, so your heart is under pressure to supply additional oxygen to reimburse.
The contraction of the blood vessels, joined by the stress on the heart can cause the heart attack. And the only way to stop this burden on your heart and strive for a healthier heart is to stop smoking the cigarette. Around 1 in 5 deaths in the America are caused by smoking. As per National Institute of Health, smoking is considered as the chief avertible cause of humanity in the United States.

Add exercise into your daily routine

By incorporating exercise in your routine, you can actually cut down the risk of heart attacks and other heart diseases.  As we have mentioned above that heart is a muscle and to maintain any muscle, exercising is one of the best ways. A 30-minute moderate aerobic a day can improve your blood circulation and consequently improves your heart’s health. It is also good to add resistance training into your workout for at least two days every week but make sure to start with easy and comfortable stretches and moves and gradually increase the strain and difficulty.

Maintain a healthy and balanced weight

Your weight has direct impact on overall health of your body, and it is highly crucial to maintain a healthy weight for a healthy body. An unusual weight gain causes your body to need more effort from your heart to keep a baseline resting level. This continual stress on your heart can damage it and produces further issues in the future. A balanced diet and exercise will help you to lose the weight that is causing stress on your heart.
In a case of high blood pressure, your heart needs to pump harder to get the apt amount of nutrients and oxygen through your body, this can damage your heart and vessels over time. The risk of high blood pressure is significantly higher when you are overweight or obese. On the other hand, if plaque has been developed in your arteries then it may cause stroke.

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