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Nurses and doctors have to wear scrubs when treating patients and working in hospitals. There are many harmful bacteria and viruses that get caught on the scrubs. Thus proper sanitation is required. After the hands, it is the clothes that one uses that can take an entire army of pathogens and parasites from one person to another. To help everyone live a healthier and cleaner life, here are some sanitation strategies that will keep all those harmful germs away.

At Ventura City, Nurses and other medical staff wear scrubs only when they are on duty. It is better to not wear them off duty, and on lunch breaks. Always change your clothes when you go home after work. Because there are a lot of infectious viruses on the roads and at home that you do not want to take with you to the hospital. In the hospitals of Ventura City, nurses are provided with big sealable bags at work so that they can safely carry their scrubs until they are cleaned. Do not treat your scrubs like any other dress when it is time to wash them because scrubs require proper sanitation than a regular shirt and jeans. Do not wash them with other clothes because scrubs might infect the other clothing with microorganisms.

Chef`s Guide to the Perfect Kitchen Attire


Culinary skills are undoubtedly the most significant skills that are required by  chefs, however, proper clothing symbolizes the chef is a professional at his/her work and depicts how tidy and hygienic his/her food actually is.

The guise of a chef is no topsy-turvy manifestation. All the components are put together knowingly and the more well-dressed and tidy the chef appears, the better he/she is considered to be at his/her work.

Now the question arises of what actually is the right attire for the chef and what are the components that make the attire complete. Well search no further, as this detailed article will help solve many of your problems related to what and how a chef should appear in the kitchen.

The Jacket

The most important part of a chef`s apparel is the jacket. Traditionally, it used to be white. Nowadays, it depends upon the chef and every color is considered to be professional. The classic style for the jacket is long sleeves and twin-breasted front with buttons on both sides.

White is usually the preferred color by many chefs as it reveals how clean the chef and his kitchen are. Moreover, white is also easy to clean/bleach and dispels heat as compared to other colors.

Chef Pants

Unlike the jacket, a patterned print is preferred by the professional chefs. The famous houndstooth pattern is generally adopted. Black and white checkered pattern is another favorite as it also contains the stains and marks.

The size of the chef pants is another vital concern for the chefs. As too loose can drag down the kitchen utensils along with it or too fitted can be dangerous in case of burns or oil spills. Nonetheless, the pants should be moderately baggy. Check with Dickies chef pants size chart, to ensure you have the right pair for yourself.

Other accessories

This includes necktie, apron, shoes, side towel and the chef`s hat which is also known as toque. All these accessories make the chef`s dress complete. So make sure to pick those that complement your jacket as well as your pants.

Lab Coats are a Necessity when Working in Labs


Wearing a lab coat should be obligatory when working in labs because a lab coat acts as a protective sheath around your body. The lab coat is protection and scientists need lab coats when they are working with dangerous and hazardous chemicals or pouring things that could ruin their clothing. Also, rest of the time they are a uniform to indicate prestige. The reason lab coats are white in color is that they can repeatedly be bleached for sterilization without making colors run or cause too much damage to the fabric. Blue lab coat will protect your clothes just as well.  But white sends a message, “Dude, it is time to send this for washing & wear another lab coat for a while!”


  1. Lab coats for men with all buttons buttoned and sleeves rolled down makes you look like a smart scientist.
  2. Lab coats protect your everyday clothes from dust and non-obvious infections in the labs. A tie-dyed lab coat for men will never go out of fashion, but a tie-dyed shirt goes in and out of style.
  3. Your skin is safe when wearing a lab coat from splashes and spills while working in the laboratory.
  4. Lab coats can protect you against fire because lab coats are usually made of cotton and cotton does not burn easily, thus saving you from burns.
  5. If you are wearing your lab coat, the safety staff of the lab will not stop you and ask “Where is your lab coat?”

Lab coats for men show other people that you are managing something possibly deadly and dangerous. The lab coats for men have big pockets that can hold a pen, paper, and some other useful stuff. Everything else a lab coat offers is just an extension of protection, security and usefulness.

So everyone working in the labs, please wear a lab coat for your safety!

Remedies to cure leg pain

Remedies to cure leg pain.jpg

Having tired legs after a whole day of work is very common these days. In fact, not just adults but young people have started to face the issue too. People have become so involved in their work and study routine that they pay least attention on the daily dietary needs which is why their bones are prone to such pains. Whether youngsters or adults,  tired legs really puts you off and will only increase if it isn’t dealt with in that time. Taking pain killers will surely get you rid of that pain in a short time but that won’t be counted as being healthy. Instead of that, what you can really do is use any one of the several home remedies that are there to ease such a pain. Few of those remedies are listed below;

  • Take a large container filled with warm water and place your legs in there for about 15 to 20 minutes. Be sure to add few teaspoons of salt in it beforehand.
  • In another situation, if you don’t have an extra 15 or 20 minute time to dip your legs then what you can do is dip your legs in warm water while you are taking shower. This way you will be utilizing your time two ways.
  • Cod liver oil along with orange juice should be taken as a bedtime drink. You will definitely experience an improvement n your leg pain the next day.
  • You can also use ice packs by wrapping them around your joints and leaving it there for 10-15 minutes.

While these were some of the home remedies, there is another way that you can bring massive improvement in your leg pain and that is to wear knee length compression socks, Cherokee compression socks to be specific. These socks have different compression levels that help to relieve your leg of the tiredness. Cherokee compression socks are trusted by many people and therefore their quality is guaranteed. Treating leg pain is important because legs are like your moving wheels that keep you going throughout the day.

Effective ways to get rid of a tension headache


When you get a tension headache, you may feel like someone is holding your head and squeezing it tightly. You may also feel a sharp pain in your scalp or around your neck. The tension headaches are the most common type of headaches. Though the causes are not well recognized. The experts believe that it is usually triggered by overthinking, depression, injury, continues stress or anxiety. However, by taking the right treatment at the right time, you may find relief.

Here are some tips that can help you get rid of a tension headache.

Ask out your doctor about the Usage of medication:

If you do not get relief from a tension headache by using OTC drugs or by changing your lifestyle, your doctor may recommend you to use some strong medicines like indomethacin, naproxen or piroxicam. But these medications include side effects like upset stomach, bleeding, and heart diseases. Your doctor must inform you about all the side effects and complications these medicines may produce.

Ask your doctor about taking massage therapy:

The medical massage therapies are a bit different from messages that are taken for relaxation. The massage therapy that is targeted for neck and shoulders can be effective at curing tension headaches and decreasing their reoccurrence. You can look for certified and licensed massage therapist by using directory provided by American Massage Therapy Association.

Go to the optician to have your eyes examined:

Eye strain can also trigger a tension headache. If you think that you have frequent headaches, i.e; more than two per week, then you must schedule an appointment with your nearest optician to get your eyes examined properly because any kind of difficulty with your vision could be contributing to headaches.

Sleep in quiet and dark room:

Stress and depression are the two most common causes of headaches, and once you realize that your headache is a type of a tension headache then you should make some immediate changes to your sleeping pattern, people who overthink about anything before sleeping are more prone to have a tension headache. Try sleeping in a quiet and dark to release the stress. Close your eyes and try to relax your shoulders, neck, and back.

Opt for deep breathing exercises:

Deep breathing exercises can help you reduce any stress and relax your body, including your brain. You can do it by taking small and even deep breathes. Just close your eyes while taking several deep breaths. Drop chin towards your chest and gradually rotate your head from side to side. Keep doing this exercise until you feel relaxed.

Hydrate yourself with plain water or herbal tea:

Just as you begin to feel a strain in your head with sudden pain, drink several glasses of water immediately, the intake of herbal tea can also release stress and help you feel better and relaxed. Dehydration is another worth mentioning cause of a tension headache. Also, make sure to avoid drinking caffeine and alcohol as they will only contribute to increase dehydration in your body.

Treat Your Gum Disease With Easy And Effective Home Remedies


There are many types of gum diseases, such as gingivitis, periodontal diseases, and many others gum issues that should be taken seriously and must be treated at the right time. If you leave them untreated, then they may lead to several oral problems. If you think that you are a busy person and don t have time to visit the dentist, then you can cure it by using simple and quick home remedies. Yes! Treating your gum problems is possible with the following quick and effective home remedies.

Prepare a sea-salt solution:
Take a cup filled with lukewarm water and dissolve a small amount of sea salt in it. Sea salt can help killing the bacteria damaging your gums and gives you instant relief. continue taking this solution for a couple of weeks for a permanent solution. It can also be very effective for gum problems like gum bleeding and gum swelling. Although if the infection has become severe, then you may need to take antibiotics.

Apply tea bags to your gums:
Tea bags contain a considerable amount of tannic acid that can help prevent any type of gum infection. To have an instant relief from your gum problems; you may need to steep a tea bag in boiling water and let it be there for 3-4 minutes, then take this tea bag out of water and allow it be cooled to room temperature. Now you can apply this tea bag to the infected parts of your gums.

Rub some honey on your infected gums:
Honey is said to have natural antiseptic and antibacterial properties that can fight against any type of skin infection and it equally works well for your infected gums. Honey contains a substance called propolis so when you rub honey on your gums or brush your teeth with it so it can help you get rid of many gum issues and protects your gums from getting infected in future. But be careful to not over apply it because the sugar content in honey can cause cavities.

Prepare a lemon paste:
Add some salt in lemon juice and mix it well before applying it to your teeth. Let this mixture sit on your teeth for a couple of minutes and then gargle with warm water to wash your mouth. Lemons are anti-inflammatory and can help treating gum infections. They also contain rich amount of vitamin C that can fight against the infections and prevent bacteria from growing on your gums.

Add vitamin D to your diet:
Vitamin D provides anti-inflammatory properties, make sure to add Vitamin D into your daily diet to heal swollen gums, and prevent bacteria from growing back on your gums. You can also get vitamin D from the sun by exposing yourself to sunlight for 15 to 20 minutes at least twice a week. Foods like salmon, sunflower seeds, whole eggs, and liver oil can also be the good sources of Vitamin D.

Let Positivity Be Your New Year Resolution


Are you looking forward to renewing your enthusiasm for new year? Want to excel in your career this year? And therefore, we make new year resolutions! But always remember that you can achieve new goals only when you have a positive mindset. Forget about all the challenges you had to face last year, prepare yourself for a tremendous success this year and let it be your new year resolution.

Following are the pieces of advice that will help you stay positive towards the achievement of goals this year.

Focus on where you want to be, not where you are!

Be thoughtful of the major goals you want to achieve and you are working for, it will help you to find opportunities instead of obstacles. What is an opportunity? Opportunity is finding a unique solution to a problem that has been created by your boss. This will let you win the trust of your boss and consequently becomes an opportunity for you.

Develop good habits

Shweta Jhajharia, the award-winning coach from “The London Coaching Group,” believes that people are too abstract when they try to make new year resolution.

If your new year resolution is to be successful in your career and maintain positivity, then you need to develop healthy habits. Good habits may include your behavior towards people in your surroundings. When you stay positive about everything associated with your work, goals and people so this positivity can be felt by everyone around you and thus it creates harmony among you and other co-workers, making the working environment better and less stressing.

Acknowledge your accomplishments

Jon Gordon, a well-recognized motivation keynote speaker believes that people must recognize their achievements and moments to be grateful for.

You can recognize your achievements by doing these practices.

Every night before you go to your bed, write down the things you accomplished in day, whether it is about your job or some other social activity.

After waking up and before leaving for work, remind yourself of the things you achieved in your whole career and the things that looked impossible but you attempted them and successfully got them done.

4 Easy Natural Ways to Heal Your Lungs



Our lungs and respiratory system hold several natural defenses such as the mucus produced by nose can form a barrier against bacteria from entering lungs, and the presence of tiny hair in the nose can perform like a filter for the air inhaled. But due to the harmful chemicals and pollutants, we breath in and out each day, we may run the risk of lung cancer and other lung diseases.

Poor lungs can lead to poor health conditions and several fatal diseases like Tuberculosis, pneumonia, whooping cough, and bronchitis. There are also other diseases like lung cancer, asthma, COPD that can damage your lungs over a period of time.

Here are some natural methods that can help you improve your lungs and restore them to peak condition.

Avoid smoking:

As we all have heard that “Prevention is better than Cure” Having this in mind you must try to protect your lungs from not being exposed to particles, carcinogens, extra stress, and smoke. Regular smoking can have harmful effects on your lungs and may lead to lung cancer. Avoid smoking whether you do it regularly or occasionally. Smoking also results in producing tar that coats your lungs. The chemicals found in cigarette such as nicotine can wreck your lungs, however its withdrawal can be quite back-breaking if you quit smoking. It may involve some common problems like weight gain, stress, anxiety, mood swings, depression, and insomnia.

Protect yourself from polluted environment:

If you are living in an area with high level of pollution, then your lungs are very much at the risk of lung cancer and other lung diseases. Especially if you are a patient of asthma, then you must protect yourself from dust and pollution. Make sure to cover your mouth and nose when moving out. If your home is situated at the road side and there is so much pollution of vehicles, then keep the windows and door closed to protect your home from polluted air entering your house. You can even buy specialized mask with P100 filter; these strong masks are specifically designed to help you with respiration and protect your lungs from extremely cold weather.

Switch to Organic Food:

Healthy and organic diet can help you protect and heal your lungs through minerals and vitamins found in them. you may switch to vegetables and fruits to see drastic changes in your lung health, according to study conducted on lungs health, “a number of different additives and preservatives found in non-organic foods can be associated with lung cancer, asthma attacks and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), which includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema.”

Drink lots of water:

The proper intake of water can help you keep your lungs hydrated and free of mucus. Make sure to drink at least 64 Oz of water every day. When you drink enough water, it keeps the mucus as thin as possible and help prevent mucus from developing in your airways and lungs.

7th January – I’m Not Going to Take It Anymore Day


Did you know that there is a day called “I’m not going to take it anymore day”? No? Well, we didn’t either! Although, what we do know is that, this day seems to be interesting considering the name given to it.

Let us first share with you all that, what exactly is “I’m not going to take it anymore day.” This day is celebrated on January 7th. On this day people fight back against the injustices inflicted upon them to show that they are human beings and they cannot be controlled like puppets. To show that they have a right to make their decisions and choices.

We are sure that you all reach a stage where you get extremely frustrated, knowing that you can’t deal it anymore. January 7th is just the right day to express that. Let everyone know that you’re not going to take it anymore! The situation can be anything, your job, your relationship or even your weight. This day is the starting point to make positive changes. It is a day for you to let it all out!

Today, January 7th is “I’m not going to take it anymore day,” and you’re probably wondering how to celebrate it. Don’t confuse yourself anymore. ScrubsAndUniformsis here to help you out! We will tell you what you can do.

Today, we want you to express yourself and fight for yourself. You should know that you’re not helpless. Start by Preparing a list. Mention a few things that you’re sick and tired of and can’t deal with anymore. Then, start working out on it to make a change.

Being a part of the health care department, you sometimes have to work till late at night, pulling off night shifts. There are times when you never take a peaceful nap at home. There are times when you never wake up to have a healthy breakfast without being in a hurry. You’re probably tired of that, aren’t you?

Well, today is the day you fight for yourself. Today is the day to treat yourself. Today is for you! If you are told to reach hospital early and you being there or not doesn’t make a difference, then arrive a bit late. Again, if you are told to stay late unnecessarily, then fight for yourself and take off early.

If you’re a kind of person who is grumpy and non-communicative and you never felt truly appreciated try something different, try to be polite and cheerful all day, you might love it, and you may be satisfied with yourself.

Learn to celebrate the little things, cherish the moments. Here’s to a year worth celebrating!

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